Churchgoing = Faith

Proof by Acts | Video Intro

GODclick pioneered the world’s only Churchgoer tracker. Now America’s Churchgoers are directly accessable for purposeful advertising via location tech + filled USA churches. Ads seen ONLY by Churchgoers on cell, billboards & video.

Secret Sauce: Address + Polygon + IMEI = Churchgoer’s cell phone for advertising. Deck

Ex: MI’s 2,014,200 church goers on Heat Maps. Address, email, phone, & staff for MI’s 10,071 Churches. All 50 State’s 317,221 churches and 63M attenders have been Device ID’d. Additionally: AA Churchgoers & Catholic High Schools & Colleges for Admissions.

Church GOING is Faith SHOWING

A total of 317,221 U.S. Churches serve 63,444,200 believers weekly. Polygonning address to capture IMEIs (device IDs of cell phones) serves ads only to ChurchGOERS.

ChurchGOING: Act proving faith. “I will show you my faith by my works.”~James 2:18

CPM: $14.95 | Cell, Video, Billboards & DOOH.

Top 500, Top 100, State, Denomination, Congress, Senate, Governor, Education, AA

Believers act on ads validating them.
ID’d church phones can be advertised on anywhere. US pop: 332.44M; Churches: 317,221; Goers: 63.44M
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