Your nicest customer: The AMERICAN CHURCH Goer

How ubiquitus are they? For example Michigan has over 2 million church attenders confirmed as follows: 10,071 Churches averaging 200 member/attenders each = 2,014,200. GODclick.com has mapped every last church in all 50 states.

Totals: 317,221 United States Churches. 63,444,2000 attenders. Sprint and Verizon provided us direct carrier first party data. These Church Goers are the proven MOVERS who support advertisers sympathetic to them. Qualifier: Seeing their cell phone in church 2X a month minimally. We’ve now tracked of 50% of all who has been in a U.S. church since 2018. A deck explains who we are and how we do it: GODclick’s exclusive secret invention to spotting “Christians in Churches”:  lnkd.in/dZSF4_G | By: Address|Zip|City|State|Region|Nation

Faith | Family | Forever

It started with just 11 guys. After drawing straws to replace Judas with Matthew, they went on a tear that cost everyone their lives except John. Results: In the 1988 years since their “Launch Supper”, America happened and the Church industry exploded. 317,221 United States Churches. 63,444,200 attending believers. Nicknames include “Flyover Country, Those People, Jesus Freaks, Monks, Nuns, Holy Rollers, and Religious Bigots.” And yet, when you’re in trouble, who you going to call?

THEY ARE the BACKBONE of AMERICA. GODclick watched as they filed into church the last 4 years – the people are anonymized except for their smart phone device IDs. Seeing them in church separates them from surveys that only claim faith. THEY show up. THEY prove it. GODclick was their witness with a time stamp. If you pay attention to them – you’ll be commanding their respect and they’ll reward you with beautiful loyalty as “repeaters”. Go build your business! They’ve been right under your nose this entire time.

“BUT GOD”. GODclick.com has access to their cell phone screens via location based technology and direct data agreements with Sprint and Verizon. Advertise nationally, by state or hamlet. Reach out to church goers, and they will respond in KIND. Electronic Billboard options as well – anytown USA.
The Supper that launched it all. The FIRST Supper of the new calendar.

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